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We are proud supporters of our local community, and this charity in particular is close to our hearts.                                                                           

Our Community

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Neuroblastoma is the leading cause of death of children under five from cancer. Neuroblastoma is an aggressive childhood cancer and survival rates for the aggressive types are around 50%. Children diagnosed with neuroblastoma are on average just 2 years old.  Currently, a third of those who do survive, have long term effects from their actual treatments, as the treatments themselves are so toxic and extensive. We urgently need better, safer and kinder treatments for children diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Lucy Jones CEO of Neuroblastoma Australia, tells her story below.  

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There are many ways people can be support this charity, one of which is by supporting their annual Run2Cure event to raise funds and awareness for neuroblastoma childhood cancer. Simply choose a distance and walk or run around the most iconic and stunning views of Sydney Harbour and Opera House. They also hold a Run2Cure Local event where you can support by taking a run in your local area.  


The Neuroblastoma Australia charity gift shop provides you with an opportunity to buy quality gifts and items to show your support for neuroblastoma childhood cancer. Each purchase gives back 100% of the profit to Neuroblastoma Australia to support their research into better, kinder treatments for children diagnosed with the aggressive childhood cancer, neuroblastoma.

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